Kamis, 10 Maret 2016

Contoh karangan dalam bentuk Past Tense

I was born in Pacitan, East Java on 18 november 1994. I was born and grew up there. I finished my primary school, secondary school and vocational school  there. But when I am going to continue my education to university, I moved to Bekasi West Java.

One of the reasons I moved was because I failed to get the university of my own choice in the area of ​​Yogyakarta. A little story,  at first when I was studying in a vocational high school with a major in tata busana (fashion) , I have a dream to become a teacher. Hence my dream, I was once enrolled in universitiy in Yogyakarta region at department of fashion education. But apparently I failed in the acceptance test. Like it or not I should continue my education at the university although it is not my choice.

Finally I followed my parents choose, to enroll in university in the area of ​​Bekasi. Because the university is not the subject that I wanted, I decided to choose the management department. Initially I was not sure to take this course, but I am still learning so that my education was not in vain. Time passed, now that I am at level 4 semester 8. I had to complete the final project at the end of this semester called thesis. My supervisor told me to take the theme of valuations, and I plan to make the textile industry as the subject of my final assignment.

I hope I can finish my assignment, complete my education and get a job that can make my life better.

Grew                     :          Tumbuh
Finished                :          Menyelesaikan
Moved                  :           Pindah
Enrolled               :           Mendaftar
Followed              :           Mengikuti
Wanted                 :           Menginginkan

Decided                :           Memutuskan

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